Thanks for your interest in the food-scout project. Please fill out the questions below as creatively as possible if you're interested in joining the project.

The food-scout project is an effort of the aimed at documenting in an engaging way the low-cost, tasty meals being served across the city. Apparently, a lot of folks still overspend on good food.

This is a part-time, paid, [minimum] 2-month long effort – goal is complete a “cheap-eats” collection to showcase, in a scrappy [natural] way, good food options out there that can be shared with the public for their own use or in some cases, purchased through

You’ll be working with minimal supervision & will have creative freedom.

Getting the job done could include, but shouldn’t be limited to, tasting & profiling meals from restaurants, profiling restaurants & great upcoming chefs, designing the worlds best cheap-eats menus [well…Nairobi’s best to start with]…& publishing these on your & / or our social media platforms.

Folks that get us hungry with their submission will be contacted for a final phone or in-person chat. Project starts immediately & work is mostly remote,  on your schedule – as long as stuff gets done.

  • One rule - make us hungry.
  • This can be a series of events, preferably a story of the day, time, place you realized your love for that meal. Humor and hyperbole is very welcome, truth is optional.
  • Describe the place in as vivid detail as you can that makes me feel like i've been there before or i need to go there

Thanks for your interest in the administrative office support role. Please respond as best as you can to the below & update a CV.

The administrative support role requires just 3 fundamental skills

  1. project management, i.e.,  ability to manage tasks to allotted time which typically requires follow-ups with team members and partners, frequent updates / communications internally & externally
  2. strong verbal & written communication skills
  3. strong work ethic / self-starter; minimal need for supervision

The role can be filled a full-time & part-time depending on fit.

  • Describe the typical day on the job and any details on how you applied your strengths. If you have never worked before, describe a school or community project.